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"I am a 56 year old female who has suffered for the last 14 years with multiple autoimmune disorders.  I was introduced to biomagnetic therapy through Coe who is very knowledgeable with this type of therapy. I feel so fortunate to have experienced this treatment. After 14 years of just existing and being mostly housebound,  I felt a significant difference in my health as I became active in life again. I immediately noticed a big change in my energy and pain level after the first session and did not need my pain medicines that evening. My headaches were less and inflammation was much better too.  Even my sinuses seemed clearer and I was breathing better. My energy continued to increase and my joint pain decreased more over the next 2 sessions. My arthritis and low back pain is much better too.  I told Coe it would be a miracle to walk my dogs with my husband after not doing that for so many years. I am so happy to be on the trail with them again."


"Here I am again 4 months later after my first 3 treatments and living a full life!  I am socializing, shopping, cooking, even began riding horses again. I am strong enough to fly on an airplane from Connecticut to California to receive more treatments. I continue to experience more positive results. Coe helped me release emotions related to my illnesses and for the first time in 14 years when I cried I release wet tears!  I even have more saliva! My eyes have been dry all these years due to Sjogrens disease. I even ended my trip fulfilling another dream and galloped on horseback on a coastline beach, yet another one of my many new miracles in my life. I have so much more energy and joy and I feel truly blessed! I am so grateful to Coe’s nurturing energy, gentleness, intuition as well as her skills with the magnets. She has helped me restore my health and transform my life."                                                                                                                              - Deb A., Marlboro, Ct



















"I highly recommend Biomagnetic therapy.  I noticed changes in my emotional state and also helped with the pain i felt in my body. My body became balanced; it felt connected to nature. I started noticing changes with my toenail that had fungus, the nail started to clear up. I also noticed a difference when I wake up and there is no more feeling of congestion. Coe, the therapist had great energy; you can feel vulnerable around her and open up. Try it and you will see the results for yourself!"                                                                                                                                                                 -  L. Moreales, Aguada, Puerto Rico   

"I was aware of Biomagnetism but never had the chance to experience it until I had 3 sessions with Coe. I experienced changes with my toe fungus which I have documented with photos. This treatment helped me with emotional healing.  My hand shaking is gone and I feel calm inside again. After my 2nd session, all my angry feelings were gone. I have sent many of my family members to see Coe and they have had amazing results too!  I highly recommend this treatment if you want to see changes in your life.  Coe is easy to connect with. She is a gentle soul."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         - M. Bonet, Rincon, Puerto Rico

"The biomagnetic therapy has been very powerful to improve my health.  After the therapy I don’t experience another episode of asthma.  I was suffering from constipation and now I go to the bathroom regularly.  But the most impressed thing is that I suffer alot of years with sinus and now my sinus issues are gone.  I’m really thankful to Coe and I feel like another person, a more happy person!"                                                                                                     - Waleska, Puerto Rico

"I was with lack of energy, had insomnia, a lot of stomach pain, and the most worry thing for me, I had anal bleeding.  Since I did the magnet treatments all my symptoms disappeared.  I went to a lot of doctors and no one could help me. This therapy changed my life and improved my health. I am very thankful to meet Coe and receive the magnet treatments."                                                                                                                                                                                                                - Jose B. Mayaquez, Puerto Rico

"I have experienced more energy while running and a lot less soreness after exercising. The pain in my right ankle is gone.  I have improvement in my neck pain. I no longer have my joint pain which was intense. My issues with my vagina are resolved as well. I have been breathing for years with alternating blocked nostrils. Since the treatments both nostrils remain clear."                                                                                                                                                              - Magdalia, Puerto Rico            

"I received 3 treatments from Coe as part of my preparation for a golf trip. The results were fantastic. My flexibility improved dramatically and the arthritic pain in my hands did not show up after 4 rounds of golf. The digestion and circulation benefits were a great surprise. I recommended Coe to several colleagues and friends in NYC and the feedback has been overwhelming!!!! They all want to schedule her again when she comes to New York. "                                                                                                                                                                                                                               - Steve N., New York City

"I have suffered from moderate psoriasis for more than thirty years, over time replacing skirts and dresses with long pants and leggings. It wasn’t embarrassment as much as the large, scaly patches on my legs drew looks of disgust and comments I preferred to avoid. I had tried medications and creams, but none had been effective. Then, a few months ago, I met Coe, and she convinced me to give magnetic therapy a try.


While the results were not immediate or dramatic, I’ve noticed gradual, consistent improvement since my treatment. Little by little, the scales are healing and shrinking. The large “shin-guard” on my left leg is almost completely healed, and some smaller patches have disappeared altogether! I’ve even started wearing a mini-jean skirt with just a touch of makeup to blend skin tones."                                                                                                                 - Sharon Coletti, Sonoma, California

"My dog, Mason, is 12½ and is definitely showing his age. Long grey at the muzzle, now his legs, head, and neck have all turned white. Yet despite slowing a little, he’s remained in good health and active. The only symptom concerning us was a persistent cough, more like he was gagging, that had become regular.

            After Coe treated my mom, we asked her about treating Mason’s cough. She did, and after just one treatment, it almost stopped completely! He went from gagging multiple times a day to perhaps once and since then, the cough has diminished to once a week, if that. So I am writing to personally attest to the fact that magnetic therapy also works on dogs!"                                                                                                                                              - Kate Coletti, Sonoma, California

"Late summer of 2015 I was feeling like a piano fell on me. My body ached from top to bottom and
from every cell within. My lifestyle was healthy. I felt as though I was taking good care of myself, but still something was very wrong. Out of curiosity I asked Coe about the Magnet Therapy and if she thought it might help me. 
We had a thorough consultation and talked about my personal particulars. There was a possible mosquito infection we both thought might be the culprit. However within therapy I had other issues as well as mosquito.   I followed through with not one but two sessions! For me the Magnet Therapy was a huge success. I have not been sick since our visits. Personally, I am confident that the magnets helped me successfully feel healthier and stronger.
Coe is very gently and nurturing…like a big sister, Super smart and well managed. When I am close enough geographically to have another appointment, I will totally book one. Many thanks and much gratitude for a dedicated practitioner."                                                                                                                                                             - Sophina White, Holistic Practitioner

"I had a big healing experience with Coe and her biomagnetic treatments. My family members also feel much better.  My  grandmother is feeling great!   I was experiencing a lot of stress and a lot of symptoms; insomnia, back pains, numbness in the left side of my body, acne, and a swollen node behind my ear.  Right away after the biomagnetic session, I was very impressed of how much energy I feel.  During the week that follow the inflammation was decreasing and now it’s gone.  The nodule in the back of my ear that I had for a very long time is gone in less than a week!  My headaches, numbness, and insomnia are gone too!..I still have some problems with my stomach but I am cheating with my diet and not exercising.  I feel much better since this treatment with the magnets.  I think it’s best to combine it with a healthy lifestyle!  I feel great and noticed I have a lot more energy."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                - Azareth, Puerto Rico

"Coe is amazing!  I lover her magnet treatments and her overall energy.  She is a great person to be around.  And her treatments.... OMG!  She is investigative, curious, meticulous and effective.  Did I say caring yet? She sincerely wants to help and doesn't give up easily if the problem is not straightforward. I always look forward to my sessions with her.  I know I will be happy to see her smile and will end up feeling better once she is done with treatment. She is a gem."                                                                                                                                                                                                                    - Anna L.  Los Angeles, CA

"The treatment with Coe is oh so much more than the awesome magnet pairings which restore health and vibrancy. The gestalt of the mind, body and spirit is evident as Coe compassionately helped me address not only my physical health, but my emotional, spiritual and cognitive issues as well. Her nutritional advice -- I'm hooked on green smoothies! -- is sound and results in feeling great! She takes the time because she truly cares! "                                                     - Kit, Mill Valley, CA



"I have been working with Coe for the last year and a half and have found significant progress in my ailments.  She has helped me with my neck injury and my kidney stones.  I even canceled the surgery!  She has also helped  with some other gentle ailments.  She is a great stress reliever and gives great positive energy! "                                  - Tim, NYC 

~ Testimonials ~

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